Queer Youth Need And Deserve Safe Spaces…This Time It’s A Sex Shop

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A Washington state school board member has generously offered her boutique to the queer youth in her district. Bellingham Public Schools school board director Jenn Mason, the owner of WinkWink, “a woman-owned, inclusive, all ages, not creepy sex shop” in Bellingham, is providing a safe space for queer youth to have an Open Mic Night on June 1st. 

The staff at the WinkWink sex shop

In a country that has been waging war on the LGBTQ community, specifically our Transgender members and queer youth safe spaces are needed more than ever. Governor DeathSantis is ridiculously waging a culture war with Disney over the homophobic Don’t Say Gay law recently passed in Florida. Texas is aiming to jail parents and doctors for supporting and loving transgender youth.

According to WinkWink’s website the boutique “celebrates sexual expression and exploration, banish shame, and help our customers to better love themselves and others.” WinkWink is also,

“sex-positive, body-positive, and gender-affirming. We welcome all people–including those of all genders, expressions, and sexual orientations–to our shop. We aim to help make sexual pleasure, wellness, and health available and accessible to everyone.”



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Naturally, news of this event sent the right-wing lying, cheating, hypocritical GOP bonkers. Funny how they are ok with 19 children being gunned down in Texas this week but an open mic night for queer youth sends them into hysterics. The National Desk previously reported that they “reached out to the Bellingham Public Schools’ board, of which Mason is a director, but was told by one member that since the event is not school-related the board will likely not have anything to say.”







The WinkWink shop is open to all ages stating, “there is no law or store policy that sets an age limit for our customers,” and they very clearly state that, “ID is required for any items that must be legally sold to people 18 and over,”  and “we don’t actually sell any pornography or any other items that are age-restricted.” The event listing ask speakers to sign up, 

“All queer youth (0 to 18 years old) are invited to share poetry, music, or a story at our open mic night celebrating youth pride! Sign up for a performer spot ahead of time, a 5-minute time limit. Free to attend for all ages, but we recommend reserving a seat. Snacks provided!”


The “0 to 18 years old” reads a little weird, maybe setting an age limit of 13-18 might have caused less controversy…but probably not. Republicans love waging war on the most vulnerable people in our country and right now it’s queer youth. This freelance writer thanks Jenn Mason for giving our queer youth a safe space to express themselves and meet other people just like them.

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