TikTokers Accused Of Having Separate Gay & Straight Profiles

Image via TikTok @AlphaHouseBoys

Now, we’ve heard of “influencer houses” and we’ve heard of queer baiting. But hearing them together just makes us want to cringe.

According to Insider, a TikToker claims that several TikTokers under the group Alpha House Boys are pretending to be gay. He says they’re doing so while maintaining straight identities on alternate accounts. Even worse, they’re making money off of it!


Barrett Pall started the accusations on July 13. The original video, which amassed over 230,000 views and 40,000 likes, shares screenshots of multiple creators who use two TikTok accounts.

“I am so angry right now,” says Pall. “[The creators] are pretending to be gay to pander to an entire other audience and make money off our lived experience.”.

“[It’s] possibly one of the grossest things I’ve seen on this app,” he then added.



Several more TikTokers have since come forward in the following month. Hacks and Pose actor Johnny Sibily laughed at a video of the accused men. Video Gamer and Queer dating advice account @br00taldan said in a TikTok that queer folks need to “stop giving into” the related accounts.

In another video, a woman named “Michaela” claims she knows several of the men from school. She not only accused many of the group;s member of being being homophobic, but she sayd they should “not profit off the queer community.”


For an example of the alleged double accounts, one of those users is Jake Bentz. Bentz has 1.5 million followers on TikTok under the handle @Bentz. On that account, he posts videos with a woman that he calls his girlfriend. He then has a second account under @brookslock where he goes by Brooks Lock and regularly uses the pride flag emoji and makes references to having a boyfriend.

Images via TikTok @scottmoorhead & @spencemcmanus

Then there’s Spence McManus who has 1 million followers on TikTok. On that main account, he presents as straight and makes references to having a girlfriend. But he then has an alternative account under @shreddedkid where he goes by Scott Moorhead. There, Moorhead denies being straight.

Many of the men also have private Instagram accounts that link to their straight/main accounts, according to Dexerto. Followers have to follow the main accounts in order to get access to these private/gay accounts. These private accounts also often include links to an Alpha House Boys OnlyFans account that promises “Premium Guy on Guy Content” for $10 a month. As such, they’re using gay followers to boost their main accounts and make money while keeping their straight identities and lives virtually separate.



One Alpha House member, however, insists that he’s gay. Mitchell Hale has publically condemned Barrett Pall for assuming his sexuality. He adds that he’s been in a relationship with a man for almost a year.

“It’s a guy calling out people he doesn’t even know, and telling them what their sexuality is,” Hale said, adding that he has been in a relationship with a man for almost a year.

“We face enough hate as it is from the straight community, and it’s even worse when it’s hate coming from the community that you belong to,” he adds.

Even if Mitchell Hale is telling the truth, that doesn’t remove the fact that several other Alpha House members were deceiving people by having multiple accounts and pretending to be both straight and gay/bi. In the end, several of the accounts Barrett Pall exposed have changed names or were taken down. Meanwhile, Alpha House Boys has yet to officially comment on the situation.

Source: Insider, Dexerto,

20 thoughts on “TikTokers Accused Of Having Separate Gay & Straight Profiles”

  1. You have to expose these queerbaiters. For me, it’s like a fake advertisement. I think the gay community doesn’t deserve to be made a fool of and having separate accounts sounds like being gay is shameful. There are gay4pay actors who, at least, have the decency to have a single account.

  2. This is such a non story. Who cares if someone pretends to be gay to make a buck? It’s not like it’s not gone on forever. And why is Barrett self appointing himself as a high and mighty moral high ground judge, jury and executioner? He just seems bitter and sad and the chip on his shoulder suggests he’s just jealous some hot guys are getting more attention than he is. No one is getting hurt. Or the alternative is you have to tackle ALL people who are “performing” on screen. How many porn stars make lesbian porn who aren’t lesbian? How many men make gay porn who aren’t gay? Let people do what they want and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, then just shut up about it.

  3. I think this has been a trend for some time. Lots of celebrities claim they’re bi to play up to the gay community but they’re always hooked up with women. There’s a lot of $$$ to be made in playing a part of gay men’s fantasies.

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  5. First of all, Pall is a self centered , self hating wind bag. If you follow him on Instagram you will see that he loves to see himself talking and is full of self importance.
    There is nothing wrong with G4P guys. Pall believes that young Gays see them and believe they influence the way they see themselves as Gay.
    Gays like Barrett Pall are the worst influence for young Gay people.

    • Pall is an idiot, sure.

      But it does smack a little considering that there are plenty of actually gay tiktok guys who get kicked off the app and have their videos reported while these guys basically make money off of it with seemingly no repercussions.

      Also, they’re not G4P. They’re not out here sitting on a tan couch for Sean Cody. It’s more disingenuous considering they make money off of selling 30s/$80 clips of “pushing boundaries” consisting of a prosthesis in briefs being swiped across an elbow.

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  7. When we have straight guys pretending to be gay in order to make money, the wheel has surely turned. For centuries, it has had to be the other way round, where gay people have been forced to pretend to be straight for fear of their lives.

    Gay for Pay abounds in pornography, and I have no problem with that – it’s a transactional seller-buyer relationship. We have never required actors to actually BE the thing they’re pretending to be in the movies. Imagine if auditions ads said: “Wanted, actor for role in a mystery murder – must be an ACTUAL murderer.”

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    • Uh Mitchell Hale who says he is gay has a funny way of showing it when he calls gay men, “sick fa_ _ ot’s but then turns around and pretends to be gay to collect cash from gay men. Hmmm. This dude is trash! Thanks Barrett for exposing this p.o.s. trash.


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