Quibi Places A New Era In Entertainment Right In the Palm Of Your Hands

For most people on social media, Quibi ads have been hard to miss. They are literally everywhere you scroll and click, showing promos of what appear to be big Hollywood names in its original featured content.


Quibi is the brainchild of Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg and it’s positioned to be one of today’s most unique original content streaming sources. With a barrage of TV ads –including quite a few featuring Chrissy Teigen, Quibi has been promoting hard, and people are starting to take notice.

Blog site Vulture recently conducted a Q&A with Katenzebrtg to discuss the new platform’s mission and how he plans to differentiate Quibi from the various competitor subscription-based services. The stand out differentiator seemed to be that Quibi’s content is created purposely in the short form and for the end-users electronic devices.

Think of it as TV for the modern world, delivering a range of shows, scripted and unscripted, and inclusive of comedy, drama, reality shows, documentaries, and news – all in quicker episodic intervals than traditional programming.

I frequently saw two of the most prominent Quibi promos throughout April for the comedies – Nikki Fresh, staring Nicole Richie, and Dummy starring Anna Kendrick.


In Nikki Fresh, Richie shines, cleverly portraying mostly herself – a wellness fanatic and mom who launches a “Trap” music career to expand her advocacy of mothering, sustainable nutrition, and saving the planet. As the self-appointed “Trap Queen,” Richie’s tracks are really surprisingly good, and she somehow makes rapping about rosemary, fresh limes, and cilantro seem legit.

It seems Richie also has mastered the art of deadpan dialog and comedic subtlety. She’s very funny but not over the top; likable, yet somewhat neurotic, sort of reminiscent of Pheobe from Friends with a splash of Diane Keaton as Annie Hall. There is a blurred line between the existence of the character Nikki Fresh and Nicole Richie, the real person. That dynamic adds to the show’s charm.


In a more bizarre and somewhat disturbing premise, in Dummy Anna Kendrick’s character Cody, discovers her boyfriend’s life-size sex doll hidden in his closet. The doll beings to speak to her. The two awkwardly become friends and ultimately take a road trip together. You have to give this show an A+ for originality on the premise alone.

Quibi is a timely offering to people who spend more time on their devices than in front of a traditional TV. The viewing experience is optimal since the shows on Quibi are produced and formatted, especially for mobile devices, and the episodes are roughly 8 minutes long. It’s like watching smartly-created, quick vignettes so you can watch an entire season or two of your favorite Ouibi shows during a lunch break.

I haven’t started watching Dummy yet, but it’s on my list. As for Nikki Fresh, I’m hooked already. Nikki’s rap lyrics are both hilarious and substantively real. She’s quite like no other Trap Music artist, deeply rooted in the quest to educate the world on proper parenting, organic produce, and even fresh poultry,


“I’m drippin’ in herb

Kicking waste to the curb

It’s Rosemary Thyme

Cilantro and Lime

Cause Sage is the word!

This that Parent Trap

This how Mommy rap

Aint no talkin’ back

We not goin’ for dat”

It’s smart, a lot of fun, and it’s a very pro-LGBTQ show with Nikki’s flamboyant, out and proud assistant played by Jared Goldstein, endorsing her every, over-the-top marketing idea; for example, a hotel shaped hive for bumblebees called The Air Bee & Bee. Download Quibi in the app store and see what all the buzz is about.


Check out the article at Vulture to learn more about Quibi

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