Rachael Ray Adds On-Air Lifestyle Expert And It’s Our Friend Tommy DiDario!


We're fans of Rachael Ray and her daily show as well as her love for animals.  I haven't gone as far as to buy her cookware, but we do love the orange accents!

Another reason to be a fan of her show (check your local listings) was her addition of an On-Air Lifestyle Expert, Tommy DiDario.  We've covered Tommy a good amount over the past year or two and loved seeing how influential he is becoming.  Here are some of the many posts we've done:

Thanks Rachael Ray for giving Tommy DiDario an influential spot on day-time television. His first appearance was a great one this past Thursday, January 4th, and involved a make-over for an American hero.

After bravely acting as a first responder on 9/11, retired NYC firefighter Bob went through a personal struggle.

"Bob went off into his own little world," his wife Diane says. "He stopped exercising; he just stopped doing everything that he ever liked or enjoyed doing."

He ultimately gained 150 pounds, and it got to a point where Bob couldn’t breathe at night and had to use a sleep apnea machine.

We enlisted the help of lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario, and let’s just say Diane LOVED the end result.

For the full segment, head over to Rachael Ray's site, but we'll cut to Tommy's three best post-weight loss style tips.  As some of us may be looking/planning to lose weight as part of the new year promises to ourselves, we mak want to keep these suggestions and tips in mind as our body dimensions change.



We look forward to seeing more of you on Rachael Ray in the near future, Tommy!

For more on Tommy,  you can check out:

In looking at his YouTube, another timely video that may relate to one of our New Year Resolutions, drinking less, may be this one where Tommy talks about alcohol and what it does to our skin.

It's officially the holidays – a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy making special memories. Many of those memories are with a cocktail in hand, so I teamed up with world renown dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe to find out how to drink smarter for your skin!



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