Racist Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Screen captures of hotel clerk's reactions after being called n-word
(screen captures via Twitter)

A hotel clerk has gone viral after posting a video clip showing him refusing to rent a room to an apparently racist customer.

In the video, openly gay Craig Brooks politely rejects an unseen woman’s pleas to stay at the hotel over and over again as he references an earlier phone call with her where the woman had called him an ugly racial slur.

Woman: “I need to stay here, my mother died.”

Clerk: “I understand that but you called me a f**king n*gg*r.”

Woman: “I’m sorry.”

Clerk: “But you weren’t sorry when you said it on the phone. At the end of the day, in the climate we live in today’s society…”

Woman: “I’m sorry.”

Clerk: “I understand that but it’s above me now.”

Woman: “I need a room tonight.”

Clerk: “Well, there’s the Best Western next door.”

Woman: “Please, I’ve had a horrible day today.”

Clerk: “And I had a horrible time hearing that.”

At one point in the short video, the woman’s daughter enters the lobby and asks why her mother isn’t allowed to stay. When the clerk explains that he’d been called the n-word, the daughter glosses over the issue saying, “My grandma just died.”

As if a dying grandma justifies using such hideous language? The daughter doesn’t even apologize for her mother’s behavior. 

She might as well have said, “My mother is upset and forgot to not be a racist bigot in public.”

It’s interesting that they still wanted to be accommodated after such hideous behavior.

Watch the minute-long clip below. Warning – the video contains an ugly racial slur repeated many times.


Of course, in this day and age, social media is having a field day as #ItsAboveMeNow and ‘Best Western’ are now trending on Twitter.

The Twitterverse is applauding the young man for holding her accountable as he kills her with his kind, warm tone.


UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that while social media is cheering Mr. Brooks for his calm handling of the “case of the unwanted guest,” it seems he’s also quite transphobic.

Twitter-user Allan Brocka did a deep dive and found that in addition to being gay, Mr. Brooks has tweeted several anti-trans sentiments in the not-distant past.

Screen captures of anti-transgender tweets from the gay, Black hotel clerk who went viral after handling a racist woman
(screen captures via Twitter/AllanBrocka)

(Source: NewsOne)

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