Rainbow Colored Police Cars Ignite Massive Backlash, Too “Woke”

photo via The Telegraph


The United Kingdom has rolled out a fleet of rainbow-painted police cars “in a bid to beat online hate crimes and ‘give confidence’ to the LGBT+ community,” as reported by The Daily Mail. Online hate crimes have doubled in recent years and the newly adorned vehicles are just one way the police force is combatting these offenses.


Discussing the beautifully colored cars Deputy chief constable Julie Cooke said,

‘Cars are there in the communities on normal policing patrol just to show the community that we want you to come forward.”



However, a quick google search of “UK rainbow police cars” shows minimal support for the cars with many wondering if this was money well spent. The Daily Mail also reported that “Critics have said forces should be focusing on ‘real’ issues such as knife crime and cost of painting the cars is reportedly ‘quite minimal’ but has a ‘huge impact.” Harry Miller, founder of the campaign group Fair Cop, spoke to the Telegraph in a rambling incoherent statement saying,

“The problem is that the second that you see a rainbow car, you know that it is a police force that has made its mind up about some very contentious issues. You no longer see a police car or a police officer who is there to support everyone, from all political persuasions, without fear or favour. They have literally tied their colours to the mast and painted their cars with their political leanings.”

As usual, the homophobia in his statement just reeks. What are these contentious issues? Political leanings? ugh. 


Can you imagine if those cars showed up in certain states here? Republicans would lose their f***ing minds! That actually sounds pretty good to me.

What do we think Instincters? Money well spent, or focus on actual crime, please! 



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Sources: Daily Mail

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  1. I am a Law Enforcement personnel and think this is a show of support that shows the Community. That we have an ally and a friend in all walks of life. Keep up the work and stay safe and god bless you and bring you home safe every day.


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