Rainy Days, Miami Mornings, And Jungle Vibes

Fireman Logan (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the past week starting with Fireman Logan (above), who made us want to start a fire or something.

Shomari Francis raised the temperature in Hawaii:

Ignacio Pérez Rey spent the weekend chilling with his furry guy Pepê Oliveira…

…while journalist Karl Schmid spent his morning with a different kind of furry friend, Gus:

Matteo Di Cecco fed his handsome pooch:

Noah Gao prefers real jungles to the concrete kind:

Curtis Fitzgerald had the weekend feels:

Andre Chandler and friends got glitterized at Mega Woof last night:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo wants to play with his big stick:

Bremen Menelli served up both “social media” life and “reality” life:

Ali enjoyed the peaceful swing of a hammock (until he tried to get out of it):

Scott Evans was oh-so-ready for the weekend:

THAI enjoyed watching the rain…and we enjoyed the view:

Tom Daley tried on a couple of hats:

Tommy Jimenez took a morning ride in Miami:

Rico Bozant played on the pole:

Garrett Magee caught a beach sunset during Carnival 2023 in Rio:

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