Rapper Aquinas Came Out As Bi

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Rapper and singer Aquinas wants the world to know that he’s bisexual.

The South Korean artist shared this fact with the world through a post on Instagram. The post simply includes the bisexual pride flag colors and a text overlay, written both in English and Korean, saying, “I’m a bisexual.”


But that’s not all, the musician also talked to SpoTV News about his coming out and why he chose to do it now.

“I contemplated for hours before making the post,” he said in the interview “I feel gender identity is just one piece of information that everyone has in their life. I felt so frustrated because I had to hide it. In our society, the LGBTQ+ community is still discriminated against and criticized. So I thought if I made such a confession at a young age, the LGBTQ+ community would have the courage and would be comforted.”

“I believe that it’s natural to have a sexual identity ever since you’re born,” he added. “The LGBTQ+ community is still criticized and at times there are people who are even neglected by their family.”




He then stated that it’s because of that reality in South Korea that he, “always thought I should share this ‘Natural’ information with everyone. I contemplated if it would be okay to make my post and wondered how people would react. However, I wanted to give courage to the LGBTQ+ community so I just shared the message I’ve been meaning to share.” 

And while Aquinas isn’t afraid of receiving pushback against himself, he is worried about any consequences for his family.

“They already knew about me but I don’t think they thought I would make it public,” he confessed. “Especially because my younger sibling is in High School, so I feel apologetic but this is something I had to do.”

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LGBTQ life in South Korea is in a rocky spot. Homosexuality and gay sex are not illegal in South Korea as a whole. LGBTQ existence, however, still feels like a foreign issue to many South Koreans. That has led the way to some open hostility to LGBTQ citizens. For instance, last year saw a spike in homophobic rhetoric after a gay club goer caused a resurgence in COVID-19 cases within the country.

Even before that, a trans soldier was infamously fired at the start of 2020 after coming out and later committed suicide. As for the military, they continue to conduct gay witch hunts to remove and imprison any soldiers found committing gay sex. In addition, there are very few openly LGBTQ celebrities in the country’s entertainment industry.

As for Aquinas, real name Kang Min Soo, he first became popular for competing in the third season of the musical competition show School Rapper. After appearing on that show in 2019, Aquinas released an EP titled It Doesn’t Matter. The musician has since seen a subtle rise to fame and even appeared on the South Korean music program and talk show You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook just last week. There, Aquinas performed the single, “It Doesn’t Matter.”

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