Rapper Le1f Shares Disgusting Racist Message He Received While Using Grindr

Openly gay rapper Le1f shared a truly horrific, racist and disgusting message he received on Grindr while he was visiting Auckland, New Zealand recently.

The talented artist, who is from New York City and is African-American, shared the message on his Instagram with the caption "i'm being hella loose and casual on the gram these days but i think y'all should never not see what it's like to be black."

The message starts off with a particular user asking him what he's on the app for.  When Le1f doesn't respond, the same user goes off on a racist tangent against him where he also makes claims that he is uneducated.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he had to deal with a racist customs agent at Melbourne Airport who kept singling him out because he is a black man.  The story reads as follows:



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No word from Grindr nor Melbourne Airport over if and how they are handling this situation.

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