Rapper Waka Flocka is Accused of Being Homophobic — Here’s Why

Credit: Waka Flocka Instagram

Waka Flocka, a popular rapper who emerged at the beginning of the 2010 decade with songs like “No Hands” and “Grove St. Party”, has been accused of homophobia over his latest social media comments.

The 33-year-old shared an Instagram message on Sunday, March 15, that centered on the popular “Flip The Switch” challenge. Some of the viral videos related to this challenge that have been circulating all over social media show men and women flipping their outfits with the men usually ending up in a dress.


Celebrity couples that have posted these sorts of clips already include Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez and Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley. It’s designed to create comic relief, especially during this troubling time with the growing Coronavirus pandemic, however Waka does not see it that way and vented his frustrations about it on his Instagram page.

“This flip the switch challenge making me realize a lot,” he captioned. “Never will I act or dress like a female: Not for promo. Not for comedy and damn sure not for a f***ing challenge. Where’s the be a real man challenge. It’s like being feminine a wave. Please stay woke.”


The comments section were a mixed bag after he shared his brutally honest thoughts. “The thing is, it’s for fun,” boxer Claressa Shields wrote. “Some men know for a fact they aren’t gay. Just like when fathers polish their nails with their daughters. If you know truly what you are and what you stand for, something as simple as switching clothes will not make me feel less of a man.”


“Small minded, and probably homophobic. It’s a stupid internet joke. Like…. wtf,” another chimed in. One person accused him of “toxic masculinity” over his words while others, like fellow rappers Lil Jon and actor DC Young Fly, appeared to agree with his sentiments by sharing 100 and hand clapping emojis. 


Talk show host Wendy Williams caused a similar uproar recently after she said, on live television, the following about men: “Stop wearing our skirts and our heels! Just saying, girls, what do we have for ourselves?” She said this amid a conversation about Galentine’s Day, which is centered on being just for women, and lost her cool when a couple of men in the audience said they planned on participating. 

“If you’re a man and you’re clapping, you’re not even a part of this. You don’t understand the rules of the day. It’s women going out and getting saucy and then going home. You’re not a part,” she said. “I don’t care if you’re gay. You don’t get a [menstruation] every 28 days. You can do a lot that we do, but I get offended by the idea that we go through something you will never go through.”

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