Soccer Star Strips Nearly Naked After Celebrating Goal: Watch

Credit: Pexels

A popular soccer star got a little too excited after he scored a game-winning goal against his team’s opponents recently.

Raul Bobadilla, who plays for Club Guarani, stripped near naked to the point where he partially exposed his manhood during the Paraguayan Primera División quarter-final last week against Libertad.


The 33-year-old, who has played the sport professionally for a number of years, first took his shirt and GPS vest off after netting the goal that earned his team the 3-2 win. Raul didn’t stop there though as he then pulled his shorts down just enough for the world to see some of what he’s packing. 

Luckily for him the referee of the game didn’t see all of what he did and he remained unpunished in the game. Raul did admit regret afterwards though where the Argentinian-born stud honed in on one person in particular.


“I regret my celebration. I hope my wife didn’t see it,” he said according to The Sun. “She should remain calm. It’s all for her.”

Regret might turn into full on agony for him due to the incident. The Asociacion Paraguaya de Futbol (Paraguayan FA) have now opened an investigation into the viral clip after it made the rounds on social media. 

“We have begun official proceedings, as we didn’t receive any written complaints or anything from the referee,” AFP member Raul Prono said in a statement. “We got information from the internet, newspapers, and tapes, and they led us to this inquiry.”

“We have notified Raul Bobadilla, and he has three days in which to appeal.”

Moral of the story: don’t take your shorts or pants off after celebrating something. Simple as that. 

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