Reaching No. 1 On reddit Has Its Drawbacks

If you visited on Monday during part of your daily browsing habits, first of all, thank you!, and secondly, you may have noticed that our site was inaccessible throughout the day. 


We strive to bring you breaking, watercooler-worthy news all day long through a server that can handle each and every Instincter, but as our own Jonathan Higbee's piece on the IOC's announced treatment of pro-gay athletes at the Sochi Winter Games found itself on reddit's front page, the resulting traffic overloaded our system. 

Over a few hours we gradually reached the number one spot on reddit, and the ensuing mass of visits kept our site down for the day. We're truly sorry and hoping to work around the backend to accommodate our growing audience, but until then, please know that we're nothing short of humbled and grateful to have you as part of the Instinct family. Continue making us part of your regular browsing routine and we'll continue bringing you stories worthy of the No. 1 spot on reddit!

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