Reading RuPaul’s Forthcoming Book Will Be Fundamental

Yaaaaaasss, hunty! The libraries and the bookstores are really about to be open! RuPaul’s new book is set to hit the shelves in October and Dey Street Books (Harper Collins) just released the cover image for his new book GuRu. This man doesn’t stop! Just yesterday Ru announced his new make-up line coming soon!

According to the book’s description:

As someone who has deconstructed life’s hilarious facade, RuPaul has broken "the fourth wall" to expand on the concept of mind, body, and spirit. This unique perspective has allowed RuPaul to break the shackles of self-imposed limitations, but reader beware, this is a daily practice that requires diligence and touchstones to keep you walking in the sunshine of the spirit. Once you’re willing to look beyond the identity that was given to you, a hidden world of possibilities will open its doors.

RuPaul spoke with People and gave some insight on the fabulous book that will discuss some of Mama Ru’s hard-earned life lessons.

RuPaul shared:

This book is a talisman, a guidebook for living. [It’s] a collection of meaningful phrases and quotes that have helped me navigate the chaos of modern life.

I hope that fans will use the book for inspiration. It offers beauty, but also advice, insight and attitude. It’s more than just a bunch of pretty pictures.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. If we approach the experience without judgement, we can open up a vast vista of unlimited colors, textures, shapes and ideas. It’s not important for me to know what God is, it’s only important for me to know that God is, and that we are all an extension of that grace.

Along with RuPaul’s inspirational writing, GuRu will include over 80 photographs that capture the drag superstar with some never-before-seen shots.

RuPaul has been public with his spirituality and the beauty that is loving one’s self.

If you didn’t catch his keynote address from last year’s Drag Con, watch it and witness the profundity of RuPaul’s words and how he connects with people from all walks of life and cross-generationally:

RuPaul’s ability to connect with audiences has translated from his early years as a club kid, to his work as an actor, to the mogul in reality television we know today, and via his podcast What’s the Tee? With Michelle Visage.

So if you’re like me, you can’t wait to read GuRu because you know that Reading is Fundamental.


h/t: People

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