RealDoll’s Making Dolls With Sexual Preferences

Image: Instagram @brickdollbanger

Pretty soon, sex robots will have programmed sexualities.

Matt McMullen is the CEO of RealDoll, a sex doll production company. In a recent Instagram video posted by company rep Brick Dollbanger (yes, that’s really the name he goes by), McMullen explained that the company is working on new artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


In order to expand on the experiences customers enjoy, the company wants to give their machines new dimensions. One aspect of that is having more interest in men or women based on a set “sexual preference.”

“Not only do we need to create a different gender, we also need to create a sexual preference in the profile – and this would be something that would also propagate to the female platform as well,” he said.


Harmony AI, the company’s own AI tech, was originally created to give the robots “bisexual flavour, but not defined as one or the other.” But now, RealDoll is trying to go beyond that.

But creating sexual preferences isn’t the only thing the company’s working on. They’re also developing new functions like “self-heating” and the “self-lubricating” of “erogenous zones.”

Matt also talked about the male robot he was showcasing, named Henry. Matt McMullen joked that Henry may soon get a “bionic penis” that is powerful enough to “lift trucks.” But, that strength will need to be tweaked to make sure it’s safe for the specific “purposes” of the robot.

But, how exactly will this “sexual preference” program affect the robot-to-customer experience? What difference will it make in how the AI interacts with the customer? We’ll see when RealDoll gets further in development.

Would you buy a sex doll with sexual preferences?

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