Reboot Reveals the New ‘World’s Hottest Bald Man’

Prince William used to be considered as ‘The World’s Hottest Bald Man,’ but not anymore, as Reboot’s recent study has determined that the new title holder for 2022 is none other than the ‘Fast & Furious’ star Vin Diesel!

According to New York Post

“This year’s study looked at a wider number of factors, such as facial Golden Ratio, Twitter sentiment analysis, net worth, and height. Reboot also looked at the cranial shine factor for each heartthrob. These aspects were then used to create an index score out of 10.”


The 55-year-old actor reportedly scored “very highly” in almost all factors, “giving him the sexiest score of 6.46.” 

“The study shows that his head is rather shiny, with a cranial luminance of 563.65 candelas per square meter, which means his head reflects light with 70.46% of the luminous intensity of a standard light bulb,” New York Post explained.


Aside from Diesel, the Top 9 includes: Stanley Tucci (6.33), Shemar Moore (6.25), Pitbull (6.16), Prince William (6.13), Jason Statham (5.96), Bruce Willis (4.75), Joe Rogan (4.37), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (3.62), and Mike Tyson (2.50).

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And so it happens, Prince William is now the 5th hottest bald man in the world for 2022 after reigning as number 1 prior to being succeeded by Diesel…

Who is the world’s hottest bald man in your opinion?


1 thought on “Reboot Reveals the New ‘World’s Hottest Bald Man’”

  1. Wow, what a collection of people I would kick out of bed. William was cute as a young man and it’s unfortunate he has such sad MPB. I always thought Vin was a hottie when he first started but he’s not aging as well as say The Rock (but I wouldn’t want either in bed with me).

    Now, Statham has always been fuckable and remains just that and I never knew who Shemar Moore was since I don’t even own a TV and I’m not some idiot who wants to go blind by watching on a mobile, but he’s someone I’ve noticed once cast in SWAT but just as a pretty piece of meat.

    Obviously, it all depends on taste.

    I also wouldn’t do want Bruce even before his recent illness (or even as far back as Moonlighting), but I’d definitely have some beers with him and hang out. And Stanley Tucci just seems like he’d be a great guy to know, cook with, travel and hang with as well, but not for the sex.


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