‘Red Hot’ Is On The Hunt For A Super Ginger For 2022 Calendar

Whether it’s the smolderingly sexy Michael Fassbender, the boyishly dominant Brendan Scannell (of Netflix’s Bonding) or the always dashing and regal Prince Harry, everything is suddenly coming up ginger right now. So much so, that Red Hot creator and photographer Thomas Knights is officially on the lookout a specific kind of redhead for the 2022 Red Hot calendar. This year, Knights is raising the redhead bar and is looking for a the newly coined “Super Ginger!”


In a statement on the project, Knights said “We don’t want auburn, we don’t want strawberry blonde. We’re searching for carrot tops, we want the neon gingers. We want the Super Gingers” Knights states in the Kickstarter for the project that this year’s project is inspired by “the decade that brought excess, glamour, sex, MTV, tabloid drama and the rise of the Supermodel, we are making it over the top, we are bringing back the ’90s.”

Red Hot kicked off in 2014 and quickly became a space where those that love all things redhead could go for some plentiful eye candy. This project has evolved from a book into a traveling exhibition, with the final cover boy chosen to appear alongside models who have already been shot for the calendar. As a photographer, Knights makes an effort to cast from social media to continue to “rebrand the ginger male stereotype” by showcasing these scorching men as “sexy and desirable”


This year’s Red Hot project is open up to submissions. Redheads that are interested can send images of yourself in a natural light (clearly showing face, hair & body) to the Red Hot Instagram.

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