‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Author Comments on Alex and Henry’s Future

The movie adaptation of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ has been receiving a lot of love and support, and the excitement just got leveled up after author Casey McQuiston teased about our fave royal couple’s future…

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The New York Times bestselling author revealed some fun facts about the enemies-turned-lovers, starting with Alex Claremont-Diaz who is the son of America’s first female president in the novel.


According to McQuiston, Alex’s favorite “bi icon” is Freddie Mercury, and his preferred Taylor Swift era is “Speak Now”. Meanwhile, she also revealed that Prince Henry’s “gay awakening” was British actor “Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in the 1995 television adaptation of Pride & Prejudice,” as per Gay Times.

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Moreover, the author noted that Alex and Henry would appear as guest judges on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ “in a second if asked.” She also shared that Alex’s favorite winner is Bob the Drag Queen while Henry’s pick is Sasha Velour.

We then move on to the future of the royal couple — a fan asked: “Do you think Henry proposed or Alex?” And to that, McQuiston answered:


“Cannot answer this one just in case it ends up being a spoiler one day.”

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According to the outlet, the author further indicated that “she’s not yet finished telling their story and that details of their wedding will soon be told, whether it’s on-screen or on the page.” While manifesting for that to happen, ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’, starring Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry, is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

Source: gaytimes.co.uk

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  1. If you read the collector’s edition of Red White and Royal Blue, you will know what happens to Alex and Henry 6 years later

    • i’ve tried to get collectors edition on Amazon on in Australia where the Collectors edition isn’t available for some reason bou there is a polish and German edition with blue cover instead


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