‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Lands on No. 1 Spot and Makes History

The highly anticipated ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is finally out, and it has officially “made history” after breaking one record after another.

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According to Prime Video, the gay rom-com is the number 1 movie on the streaming platform, and is “already among Prime Video’s top three most-watched romantic comedies (movies) of all time.”


The platform also mentioned that there has been “a huge surge of new Prime membership sign ups directly correlated to the film’s release.” The film received praises from viewers and critics, and it gained 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes with a “Certified Fresh” Tomatometer rating.

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‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is based on American author Casey McQuiston’s critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling novel of the same title, which moved up to #14 on Amazon Best Sellers list after the movie was released.

Moreover, Amazon MGM Studios executive Jennifer Salke celebrated the success of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ in a statement, expressing:


“The phenomenal debut of Red, White & Royal Blue is a true testament to the entertaining and inspired storytelling led by the creative minds behind it. Matthew López, Casey McQuiston, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and the entire talented filmmaking team hit it out of the park. We are so proud of this delightful, heartwarming film and could not be more thrilled with the response from fans — existing and new.”

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‘Red, White & Royal Blue’, starring Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine, is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

Sources: Prime Video, people.com

9 thoughts on “‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Lands on No. 1 Spot and Makes History”

  1. If you can suspend belief, as if the film were literature, you can enjoy the story and wish the main characters all the best. It is a statement pro GLBTQ+ individuals with the two principals standing up for themselves in spite of their respective social circumstances, one a Royal, the other the son of a USA president. It is enjoyable to watch.

  2. Hey, not a prissy, judgmental arts queen by any measure. I applaud films like this even getting made, let alone with such an obviously high budget and super star marketing.

    But cmon. The movie is really silly. The guys are adorable and all-in as far as their roles, but the chemistry is meh. The story is more predictable than a warm beer foaming out of a can and it gets from a to b to c in what seems like minutes. The ending was so sappy and unrealistic. I never read the book. I should. It feels like there was a really good story here that was Hallmark-movie numbed and the production rushed to meet a 5 minute deadline. If Uma can be uninteresting then something was done very lazily.

    It’s as if the producers wanted “The Crown” and “The American President” merged into something even better. But they got a Lifetime Thanksgiving movie instead.

    Still: kudos for the project in general. Bring us more. But an interesting premise and two (really) pretty faces isn’t enough anymore. Our TV standards have gotten much, much higher in the last two decades. They had everything to make it so but they didn’t use it.

  3. I’ve watched the movie every day since it’s release on August 11th. And, I’ll never get tired of watching it. The chemistry between Nicholas (Prince Henry) and Taylor (Alex) shines thru in the movie. I predict the movie, as well as Nicholas and Taylor, will be nominated for Emmys and other awards! The book is awesome too!

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  5. I’ve seen several straight people ask this question since watching this.

    ‘Gay guys can do missionary?’

    It seems unbelievable how many straight peeps don’t understand something so simple lol.

  6. The chemistry between Taylor and Nicholas is amazing in this film. The story is sweet, cute, heartwarming. I watch this film every night and never get tire of it.

    The 3hr extended version must be shown. But that is not enough for me: the behind the scene making of the film, blooper reels, actor’s commentary, a dvd/blu ray are all my wishlist

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  8. My Hope is they will do follow up with it. In the first week they released worldwide, it has been streamed over 300 Million times. Thus a great follow up is very much appreciated and needed.

    • I would like to see a sequel to the book and movie. I want to see the same cast though. I loved the movie streamed it 3 times already. I overlooked some items like Alex’s parents still married and King vs Queen. The movie Could have been longer


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