Reddit User Ponders About Attitude Towards LGBTQ Couples in Public

A Redditor asks gay couples how they are treated in public. The answers varied on the location and attitudes of both the public and the couples. (Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels)

For those of us in the LGBTQ community who are in a relationship, being in public with your significant other can be either a very delicate situation or no big deal depending on where you live. In the Reddit subcategory, AskGayMen, a user with the screenname “mynameisnotbecky” asked in their post, “Gay couples, how do people treat you in public?”:

I know this varies based on location, but what’s been the reception? I’m going to imagine a lot/occasional stares and even whispering. I also imagine a lot of “omg you guys are so cute” as well.

Bonus question? Do you refrain from holding hands in public? If not, was it nerve wracking the first time? I’m gay but I’ve never been w someone so I’m curious.


Responses to the original poster ranged from positive experiences…

To the more cautious experiences…


One person commented on how they don’t let their environment affect how they are with each other in public.


For our readers who are in relationships, what is your experience concerning being in public with your significant other? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts.

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4 thoughts on “Reddit User Ponders About Attitude Towards LGBTQ Couples in Public”

  1. Our neighborhood is pretty liberal and its no problem holding hands (Cleveland Heights, OH). There are probably 20 gay households just in the 10 block area we’re in. When traveling, we just watch where we are. Amsterdam no problem, Budapest becoming a problem. Just came back from Disney and Universal, and the gay people working there actually moved us to the front of the lines, or otherwise served us faster. When you’re friendly, you make friends.

  2. It depends on where we are. We live in St Pete so if we’re in the gayborhood it doesn’t matter but we travel a lot so we have to be aware of where we are.


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