Reggy B Talks ‘Drag Race Holland’ & Her ‘Petty’ New Project

Reggy B took what she learned from her time on Drag Race Holland and has virtually ran with it. She dropped a brand new track ‘Petty’ and with the influence of her drag mother Miss Abby OMG, is learning what you truly need to do to make yourself shine. I sat down to chat with Reggy post-elimination to chat about her Drag Race Holland run, what she learned from her legendary drag mother, and she clued me in on the one artist who is her dream collaborator. 


Michael Cook: What is it like to finally be emerging from the restrictions and finally be able to paint and get out into the crowds again? 

Reggy B: It is really amazing. I’m not allowed to perform, but I am able to just be there and just stand there and be pretty. What kind of life is that (laughs)!? They show the episode on the screen and I get to take pictures with everyone. 

MC: Looking back on your Drag Race experience, how do you feel? 

RB: I am happy. I am happy that I am part of the show, especially after doing drag for only two and a half years. I wish I could have shown more of Reggy; the first and second episodes were the club kid and sewing challenges, which are not Reggy at all. I wish I had the first two episodes to really show who I was. I think I did a good job, if I am bonding with the fans; I have gotten a lot of great messages. 


MC: What would you have liked to have shown that really would have shown the fans who Reggy truly is? 

RB: Well I am a dancing queen, so obviously a dance challenge. I am singer/songwriter, so give me a beat and I will write a track! I was really excited for that. 


MC: Speaking of your musical prowess, you did a rap for the talent show. Many would consider that a massive risk, but you seemed very at ease performing it. 

RB: I graduated as a musical artist from an academy and back then, I really liked pop music more. I wanted to combine the two and in musicals, there are stories that have been told with pop, so that is what I decided to do. I felt comfortable with it and I liked my lyrics. The release of the song just happened and it is epic! 


MC: Miss Abby OMG from Season 1 of Drag Race Holland is your drag mother. What do you think you learned from her as a performer and a person? 

RB: One thing that I learned in the drag industry is to be yourself and stand by what you do and what you say. Also, if it works why fix it? Most of my drag is very high energy, so why should I change it? In this industry, I learned stay true to your brand and work your way around that. That is what has given me the bookings that I have been able to get. When I did musicals, you are standing there with two hundred people and they only need one; you need to make yourself shine. You need to show that they need you. I have done drag for two years, but being on the stage is not new to me. Drag makeup and clothing is new though. With musicals, I liked it but there was always something missing. I am also very creative, and never liked to listen to the director of the musical or follow the script. Now I do drag and I can do whatever I want. 

MC: What do you think you want to do next? 

RB: I want to create my own album, which I am already working on. Then I want to tour the world. I really look up to people like Todrick Hall who makes his own music and has his own team. I have so much respect for him, the way that he works with his own mind. That is what I want; to tour the world with my own music, inspire people, make people laugh and happy, and make them ultimately leave with a good feeling. 


MC: Could a collaboration with Todrick Hall possibly be in the future? 

RB: I’ve met him and he’s recognized me and asked me backstage. I dont know if he knows that I am on Drag Race Holland, but If I could work with him or do a small collab, that would be such a dream. 


MC: What is something that you have discovered about yourself in the last year and a half that you might not have known before? 

RB: I am very on my own. Not that I am quiet, but if I want to do something that way I am going to do it. During quarantine, we did online shows and had to work to make a show that usually has an audience have the same vibe as it does live. I learned that working with multiple queens and making a show together is so much fun. We all have the same passion and that is drag, yet we are all so different. If you can combine those two things, you can make something really cool. Whether it is on the internet or on stage, it is really cool to work with other queens. Also, I am really happy with this platform. On Instagram I get to know queens from other franchises, and I want to work with them. Not because I am a fan of theirs, but because we share the same passion. 

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