Rejected By 20 Families, Baby Alba Was Adopted By The Perfect Dad

Luca and Alba Trapanese (image via Instagram)

Luca Trapanese has always wanted to be a father.

But as a gay single man living in Italy, the laws regarding adoption are very stringent.


Married heterosexual couples between the ages of 18 – 45 are the primary candidates to adopt, although single parents may apply under certain circumstances.

Luca shared with the BBC, “They told me that they would only give me children with illnesses, severe disabilities, or behavioral problems.”

And along came Alba.

Alba was only 30 days old and had been rejected by 20 families, including her biological mother, because she had Down syndrome.


But Luca, who has volunteered and worked with disabled people since he was a teen, didn’t hesitate. After receiving a call about the infant, he rushed to the hospital to sign the adoption documents.

“When I held her in my arms, I was filled with joy,” said Luca. “I felt that she was my daughter straight away. I knew I was ready to be her father.”


Being gay, single and Catholic, Luca feels he’s challenging the stereotypes regarding fatherhood and traditional families.

Today, Alba is 18 months old and thriving.

Like all children, she loves to play and dance around the house, explore new places like parks and museums, and go to work with her dad.

Luca shares that she can be a bit stubborn at times, but that’s life with a toddler.


“She’s brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment,” says the 41-year-old dad told the BBC. “I’m proud to be her father.”

“I’ll spend the rest of my life with a child that I love, and we’ll do so many amazing things together.”

Fortunately, Luca likes to share his life with Alba on Instagram. Check out some photos of this awesome dad and daughter duo.





(source: BBC)

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