Release The Gowns-‘Project Runway’ Season 19 Gets A Premiere Date

As New York City once again comes rallying back, Project Runway is leading the couture brigade and returns to Bravo on October 14, 2021. Christian Siriano returns as mentor, alongside judges Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth, who will all be welcoming sixteen designers from both the Unites States and overseas. The designers will get the opportunity to show their designs at glamours locales like worldwide landmark, New York City’s Lincoln Center as well as the lush hidden gardens at Rockefeller Center.


This year’s designers will be encountering challenges like producing a “hauntingly” chic look, crafting a complete avant-garde look from faux fur, and of course, the beloved/dreaded “unconventional challenge” where the designers will be creating an unconventional cocktail dress with a twist. In a Project Runway first, designers will be asked to create the ultimate Real Housewives reunion outfit for women from The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of New York City, and The Real Housewives of Potomac.

This year’s Project Runway designers (competing for the grand prize of $250,000 supplied by Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens, returning for its third season as the Official Pen of Project Runway).are: Octavio Aguilar – Miami, FL; Darren Apolonio – New York, NY; Kenneth Barlis – San Diego, CA; Caycee Black – Brooklyn, NY; Coral Castillo – Los Angeles, NY;  Meg Ferguson – Tulsa, OK;  Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste – Philadelphia, PA;  Bones Jones – Brooklyn, NY;  Kristina Kharlashkina – New York, NY;  Katie Kortman – Japan; Shantall Lacayo – Miami, FL; Aaron Michael – Jackson, MS; Chasity Sereal – Houston, TX; Zayden Skipper – Atlanta, GA; Sabrina Spanta – Bloomfield Hills, MI; Anna Yinan Zhou – San Francisco, CA;

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8 thoughts on “Release The Gowns-‘Project Runway’ Season 19 Gets A Premiere Date”

  1. wow, people!!!!!! do the research before you cancel!!!!! karlie is a good guy. do the research before you do anything!! been a big fan of this show since season one, cannot wait until it starts up again.

  2. Cannot believe the negativity from some people because they hate someone…shame on them for being so shallow. Project Runway is about designers and fashion..leave the politics out of it. Enjoy the great designers and their creativity. The challenges are indeed fun to watch and an inspiration to many. See the show for it’s purpose of fashion design.

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  4. I hope this means that Karly K – Ivanka Trump’s sister-in-law is no longer the host of the new season ??? – I was a faithful fan & turned this show off for good once I realized who she was related to and a bit shocked that the show’s producers could be so insensitive and dumb to have her anchor this show given the chaos we were living in for the last 4 yrs of daily Hell. I want nothing to do with the Trump or Kushner hyena kids.

    I will be checking out the new season, I hope !

    • Actually she is not a supporter of Trump and her and her hubby are democrats. The Kushner family doesn’t like her and have shunned her and has put a strain on her husband Joshua and his parents. That is why the running joke that was made to Karlie from one of last years designer’s that made the comment, “dinner with the kushners”. since they never invite her.


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