Religious Group Spams LGBTers That Like “Gay Pride” On Facebook w/ Pro Conversion Therapy Video.

We shouldn't be afraid to like things online or to say we are attending an event. Apparently, if you like "Gay Pride" on Facebook, be prepared to get Christian spam.

A Christian group has posted on Facebook a bizarre video starring an ‘ex-gay’ man advocating dangerous ‘conversion therapy’. In the expensively produced video set to twinkly inspirational music, Becket tells his story about how he came to identify as straight.

The advert was released by Anchored North, an evangelist group releasing media to spread the word of the gospel. They used Facebook’s algorithms on the sponsored post to reach adults in the United States with an interest in ‘Gay Pride’. It has over [220,000 views] at the time of publishing. –

We're not going to show you the propaganda here, but if you want to view the backwards thinking video, it's over at  Synopsis … man has the time of his life, parties a lot, apparently didn't make the right friends, feels empty inside, goes to church, holy spirit fills the void. 

According to the initial gaystarnews post, Facebook is investigating the sharing of the video to make sure it does not break any advertising policies or city/state/federal laws.  I wonder if we started sending straight conversion therapy videos to church groups, how long would it take for that to be shut down?

Have you received this video?

Have you received any negative feedback for liking or rsvp-ing to an LGBT event?

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