Remember That Hot Dentist That Had Us In Our Feelings?

I was reminded this morning of a viral sensation that took over the interwebs last summer. He came in the form of a smoking hot dentist who threw down some epic dance moves to Drake‘s smash hit “In My Feelings.”


Dr. Rich Constantine made millions of people’s hearts flutter when he did the #inmyfeelingschallenge in 2018. The clip, which has received millions of views across the web, was initially posted to his dentist’s office social media pages.

It then took off and turned him into an overnight celebrity and presumably made his place of work that much more popular to visit.

His physique, beard and insanely good looks caught the attention of many who had no problem using several hilarious dental puns after seeing him break it down to Drake’s number one song. 


“That moment when you break a tooth on purpose to see a dentist this fine,” one wrote. “I have never wanted a pair of hands in my mouth more…… omg that reads so thirsty lol but yeah he’s fine!” another one chimed in. 

Dr. Rich then made numerous appearances on TV shows like Good Morning America and Steve Harvey during the height of his fame. And, sorry fellas, he’s married and she’s just as gorgeous as he is. 


He has posted several dance videos in the months since, notably him getting his groove on to Ciara’s song “Level Up.” 

I may need to head to South Carolina myself for a dental appointment soon (even though i’m hours away in New York) based on the above. 


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