Remember That Time Ryan Reynolds Talked About His Taint on Live Television?

Ryan Reynolds has long been one of those Hollywood studs that we have thought naughty things about. The Buried star has also teased us in his own type of way over the years by making statements that skew on the gay side like how he wanted to have a taste of all three Chris’ (Hemsworth, Pratt, Evans).

This is all in good fun, of course, as he’s happily married to arguably one of the most beautiful women in the industry Blake Lively, but the super sexy moments he’s given us over the years are ones that we still think about in and outside of the bedroom today.

Take for instance this wonderful #TBT moment where he appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live alongside Olivia Wilde back in 2016. Host Andy Cohen, who has done a remarkable job at getting celebs to talk about their truly intimate & wild moments, did the same with Ryan during the segment known as Plead the Fifth.

Andy’s first question to Ryan, whose smash hit movie Deadpool was released around the time of this interview in 2016, was about what superhero could be a “flaming homosexual”. His response: “Archie”, who isn’t a superhero at all but a classic comic book character.

He then asked the now 41-year-old about a part of his body that he does not care for. “I’ve never seen my perineum,” he replied, “because it’s so far under there”. Perineum is described as the area between the anus and the scrotum, or as many of us in the community commonly refer to it as… the taint.  

Kinky. Watch the clip below:



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