Reno 911! Is Getting Revived

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Comedy Central’s Slapstick, Sassy, Super Gay Cop-Comedy Is The Next Series Being Rebooted

Mockumentary style comedies typically become instant classics. Immediately off the top of my head, Catherine O’Hara who now stars in the impossibly hysterical Schitt’s Creek, starred in some culturally favorite mockumentaries like Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman – and which gay person do you know who hasn’t sat there and endlessly quoted Kirstie Alley in Drop Dead Gorgeous?! The parody style-storytelling transitioned itself wonderfully to television as well. Back in 2003, you know, before the internet – Comedy Central premiered their mockumentary of the lives of police officers in Reno, Nevada ala Cops called Reno 911! And now, the series is getting the revival treatment.

According to Variety, Reno 911! is being revived for a seventh season. So far, the story will see continued characters from Thomas Lennon who portrayed the gay, short-shorts wearing Lieutenant Jim Dangle, awkward Trudy Wiegel (Kerri Kenney-Silver), and the severely underestimated mega hottie, Robert Ben Garant. To make the series even more promising, freakin’ Danny DeVito is going to be executive producing. If you’re familiar with DeVito’s work in general, you know we’re in good hands for a knee slapping comedy that we so desperately need in a time when it’s seemingly the media versus our police force. The original series was heavily improvised, so let’s hope that the actors still have their juices flowing and can deliver us the same they did almost twenty years ago.

Fans of the show need to start petitions now, because some of the original cast members may be quite difficult to get back. Beeftastic stud, Cedric Yarbrough just wrapped Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, so we can perhaps bank on him returning. However, two leading ladies are quite busy these days. While Reno 911! was her first leading role, Niecy Nash has gone on to be an unstoppable force in Hollywood, so much that she was nominated for an Emmy Award last year and continues to be booked and busy. Wendi McLendon-Covey went on to be one of Hollywood’s funniest women… who was constantly put into the “best friend” stereotypical role of any film she was in. Now, she stars as the lead in ABC’s The Goldbergs and may be contractually obligated to them! Twitter needs to start doing what they do best so we can get representation from some of our favorites to return.

The series had a lot of homoerotic and gay themes, including an overly stereotyped gay character, Terry Bernadino (Nick Swardson) who was a flaming homosexual rollerblader and drug addict constantly getting into trouble. While in the “woke” culture we’re currently engulfed in, hopefully we can take a beat and laugh at the hysterics of the show. Put your rollerblades on, Terry! It’s time to get your revival.
Reno 911’s revival currently does not have a release date, but will be on the streaming platform Quibi. More updates to come!

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