Reno Gold Uses His OnlyFans To Give Back To The LGBT Community

With constant financial uncertainty being one of the only constants this year, OnlyFans has become one of the most polarizing and profitable ways for a number of people to support themselves & get publicity for their their projects. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars winner Shea Coulee and Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan both have even started OnlyFans pages in an effort to simply get their brand out there. While philanthropy doesn’t typically go hand in hand with OnlyFans, 24 year-old Reno Gold is making a point to change that. He recently pledged (via video) to donate 100% of his OnlyFans earnings from December 1-7th to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and he fulfilled that commitment. He raised $27K from new subscriptions, messages and tips and subsequently, donated the funds he committed to.

Raised most of his life in Reno, Nevada (hence his stage name, Reno. Gold was added because he mistakenly thought Nevada was the gold state, finding out too late that it’s actually the silver state). Recalling a happy Christian home with both parents and two older sisters present, Gold’s father worked as an appraiser and his mom worked various jobs, and they attended church weekly. School challenging for Reno; he had learning issues and was held back & put into special education classes. He did excel in sports, especially gymnastics, becoming a national champion in tumbling. At 18, while a senior in high school, he started dancing at strip clubs, then eventually turning to webcamming. The page was slow to take off, but the more he focused on the quality of his work and being consistent with content distribution, the more he saw more money coming in.  

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The page started to truly take off when he began cross promoting on YouTube as well as marketing his personality as much as his body “On OnlyFans, I post sizzling male on male duo scenes with ​imaginative storylines and funny scripts so my subscribers get a taste of my sense of humor and personality. I also post uncensored demonstration videos on scrotox injections (botox in the scrotum), male douching and manscaping.”  His YouTube channel is for strictly PG-rated content, often sharing his likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. He does however, admit that one of his biggest fears is getting older in the sex industry. With that in mind, he is stacking the decks in his favor “I’m investing in real estate and renting them out,” he explains. “So far, I’ve purchased five properties, all in cash.” He plans to exit the business in six years, when he’s 30. “I want to have enough properties under my belt and just manage them and live off of that.”


Reno keeps his operation and his circle tight. He scouts and books his own scene locations, handles, wardrobe, toys, and photographers for still shot images. “It’s about quality and quantity” Gold says. He posts a new professional quality nude shot daily, a 15-20 minute minute solo scene weekly, and two duo scenes a month. Gold’s mother is his manager, & he has started college funds for his niece and nephew. Gold also is a portrait artist, working in charcoal and graphite. He is currently drawing his most liked nudes from OnlyFans. 

“Sex work is really no different from any other kind of job in today’s digital age and I’m no different than most other guys in their twenties,” Reno Gold concludes. “I wake up, hit the gym, work all day creating and distributing content, order Uber eats and then wrap it all up with Rick and Morty or some other cartoon before bed.”

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