Reporter Exposes Himself To Undercover Agent

According to a new report by, an education reporter and weekend news anchor at KTBS-3-ABC in Shreveport, Louisiana was arrested Friday afternoon and was charged with obscenity — a felony — after dropping trou for an undercover vice agent in Hamel Park.


James (whose real name is Eric Cox) "exposed himself and asked [an] undercover agent to perform sexual favors."


Has finding a hookup really become that tough? May we recommend SCRUFF or Mister? In the meantime, keep it in your pants, Mary!

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3 thoughts on “Reporter Exposes Himself To Undercover Agent”

  1. Some of us still like to talk

    Some of us still like to talk in the bar and around. I for one leave my cell in the car I think cell phone should be BAND in the bars

  2. Sounds like entrapment– if

    Sounds like entrapment– if that park is known for this sort of activity, why make such a fuss?

  3. This wouldn’t be the first

    This wouldn't be the first time an reporter got caught with his pants down that worked at the same news station there in Shreveport. What are they doing over there?!


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