Representing America, DJ Davids Finished Top 10 in Mister Global

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Outside of the live broadcast mishaps and the Sandra Bullock movies, I have little education on the world of pageantry. And even less knowledge when it comes to men’s pageants. Mangeants? However, after seeing that men’s pageantry forces its participants to walk the runway in speedos, just like the female version makes them don bikinis, I can state with full authority that we need more mangeants. Now that Mister Global has returned to the main stage, this dream may become a reality!

After a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mister Global returned for its 7th year in the beautiful country of Thailand. According to, 33 men from around the world competed to be crowned Mister Global for the 2021-2022 season. After a great battle of wits, Miguel Ángel Lucas Carrasco of Spain was declared the winner and will become the face of the organization for the next year. Vietnam and South Korea rounded out the top 3, respectfully.


But United States’ participant, DJ Davids, managed to do quite well in the international competition! Davids cracked the top 10 overall and, according to the pageant’s Instagram page, also took home 5th place in “Best National Costume” and 5th place in “Most Inspirational Video.” Congratulations, DJ! 

DJ Davids represented America in Mister Global after he was crowned Mister USA in 2021. An accomplished model and personal trainer, DJ was able to pull off any look the competition demanded. While browsing his personal Instagram, it’s clear that DJ is a chameleon – capable of pulling off any look he feels like personifying. High fashion, athletic, rural, patriotic, loungewear, holiday and everything in between, I’ve compiled some of his best looks below and surprise! They’re all shirtless…

Let me also not forget to mention Mr. Davids is proudly out. The icing on the cake, really!



Sources:, Mister Global Instagram, DJ Davids’ Instagram 

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  1. He should have made the top 5, but either way congratulations to him. He is super hot.

    Wished this website also posted Cayman Cardiff’s 2nd runner up finish at the Mister Grand International 2021


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