Republican Mayor Caused Controversy Over Drag Fundraiser

Mayor Derek Easterling, of Kennesaw, GA, came under fire for dressing in drag as part of a fundraiser to stop Alzheimer disease. 

Easterling impersonated Christina Aguilera for Battle of the Brains. When pictures of him in drag surfaced, some of the town thought he shouldn't' have done it. They also felt it was below his office as Mayor. 

Easterling has no qualms about doing it, saying, "I try to put the fun in fundraiser." 

The fundraiser brought in $250,000. Which has lead to Easterling adding, "I have 250,000 reasons why I did it."

Eastering wants people to not get stuck on this, but look to actual issues the city is facing. He would even do it again, if it was for a good cause.

Either way, Easterling slayed in his look. Maybe next time we can see video of the performance. 




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