Republican Suing “Jane Doe” For Being Called “Gay Democrat”

Republican politics of late have usually been some combination of pasty, middle-aged, doughy white men yelling about Dr. Seuss, Mister Potato Head, and how difficult it is to be pasty, middle-aged, doughy white men. Oh, and owning the libtards. 

So it should not have come as a surprise when the Virginia Republican sandbox, er… (checking notes)… “Lt. Governor’s primary race” heated up to a fever pitch in the past week when one of the candidates had his feelings hurt.


Apparently one of the candidates, Mr. Glenn Davis, a delegate in the Virginia state assembly from Virginia Beach, was called a “gay Democrat” in an anonymous text message. This attribution was levelled because in the past he had shown support for gay marriage, so as a result of his open-mindedness another campaign had the homophobic message aimed at the married pasty, doughy father of two. 


Today (Saturday) Virginia’s Republican Party will be voting in their state convention to nominate their slate of candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. 

In response to being called mean words (gay! Democrat!), Mr. Davis filed a lawsuit in state court naming “Jane Doe” as the defendant and seeking $450,000 in damages. The lawsuit identifies the registered user of the phone number from which the text was sent, a Minnesota-based telecommunications company called Onvoy.

Davis said the text message violated Virginia election law requirements and crossed the boundaries for a defamation violation.

According to media reports, Davis, who has been married to his wife, Chelle, for 16 years, said his attorney will ask a judge to force Onvoy to reveal who paid for the blast text, which used a photo of him at an LGBTQ festival and called former delegate Timothy D. Hugo (R-40th) “the only conservative running for Lt. Governor.”


“For far too long, this type of behavior has gone unchecked and unchallenged within Virginia’s Republican Party and today that ends with me,” he said.

Mr. Davis’ mommy could not be reached for comment.

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Source:, ABC News

4 thoughts on “Republican Suing “Jane Doe” For Being Called “Gay Democrat””

  1. As all these old white Republicans die out, it won’t be long till this is a non issue. They are the only ones concerned with who everyone sleeps with.

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  3. Del. Davis said he wasn’t upset that someone called him gay and also acknowledged that being called that would potentially harm him due to his supporter’s anti-gay biases. Very odd.


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