Resurrected Louisiana Poorly Pronouned Bill Is Laughable & Scary

Just when you thought the republican’ts were done affecting your kids education…


Rising from the dead like a roadkill gator under a voodoo curse, the poorly written and very short Louisiana House Bill 837 has the ability to make schools from Kindergarten to 8th grade gender neutral and will also try to prohibit k-12 teachers from talking about their sexuality or gender identity. 

The revival of HB 837 ignores a decision made by the House Education Committee which rejected the bill last week. 

After a bipartisan 7-4 vote against HB 837 in the committee, Rep. Raymond Crews called for a vote to advance the bill to the full House floor. Crews is a Republican representing District 8, which also includes part of Bossier Parish. 

House lawmakers voted 55-39 to override the committee’s decision. – Shreveport Times

The bill seems to be so well planned out and so much time was put in it that they even had a fuck up in the pronoun usage, which may be a loophole to let female teachers talk about all thus gender stuff, but not male teachers. Sorry, this dumb crap pisses me off. 

Page 1 of the proposed bill that can be found here flops from their to his in the text. These people truly cannot understand basic English, let alone what a pronoun is or having pronoun agreement. 


So will there be an issue with differences between male and female teachers? How will a district enforce dress codes for students or teachers? I was a teacher for 10 years and never talked about my sexuality as it was either known or unknown, depending on the quality of perceptions of the students. Students did not make a big deal about it and I taught in Maine in two different small town high schools with 300 and 700 students respectively. But I didn’t dress feminine, but then again, with the passing of this bill, feminine could not be discussed until the 9th grade and then that might be tricky. I would have loved to have worn shorts and sandals to school to teach, but those were a big no no for men under the approved dress code. 

Will there be a men’s and women’s sports teams for who is to discuss gender identity when splitting up teams. But I am sure the republican’ts will just lift up the lower clothing area (I was going to say skirts or shorts, but those can’t be truly addresses) and then decide the penis team and the vagina team.  Unfortunately, that is what they want ..  Expose your gonads kids and we will tell you how to live… in the 9th grade. And this would solve the republican’ts issue of bathrooms as they would just resort back to the gonad check, unless there was enough push to have genderless bathrooms since now teachers, discussions, presentations would be all gender neutral. 


Page 2 of the law has the pronoun issue yet again with the usage of his.  Is this directed toward male teachers only or is the bill writer just that stooooooopid?

Gone are the personal photos on a teacher’s desk, gone are the wedding rings, will any of them be allowed to wear make up or ties or anything that republican’ts use to identify people of different genders?  You open the can of worms bitches, get ready for a fight. 


For more on this resurrected piece of hate and discrimination and less biased that I wrote, head over to KALB News

And I am biased as I was a teacher, I am gay, and I’m educated. I feel that this hateful voodoo resurrection is more of a pissy whiny attempt at mainly republicans trying to hide their kids from the fact that there are different people in the world and we are all living together.

But if this bill comes to pass, it can be used as a big stick to beat these morons over the head with. And republican’ts, if you don’t want the educated coming for you with your own piece of crap law, then you had better fix your grammar, fix your politics, and fix your broken brains.

Source: KALB News  ,  Shreveport Times

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