Retired Professional Wrestler Gabbi Tuft on Her Transitioning Journey

Gabbi Tuft recently wrote an article via Insider wherein she opened up about her journey to transitioning into the feminine body that she’s always wanted.

(c) Instagram: @gabbituft

The 44-year-old retired professional wrestler started by sharing a question that she often gets:


“Gabbi, how did you lose all the muscle mass?”

The answer isn’t as simple and concise though, as she admitted that she had to make herself a “guinea pig.”

“I combined my years of expertise in fitness and nutrition and got to work trying different nutrition styles and sustainable approaches to working out,” Tuft revealed.

According to her,


“I chose to transition in my early 40s and grappled with doing so later in life. My body had been flooded with testosterone for many years. Coupled with my active, fitness-focused lifestyle and position as a WWE professional wrestler, I had built a large amount of muscle onto my frame.”

(c) Instagram: @gabbituft

And after 2 years of research and experiments, the former WWE star “finally landed on a combination of fitness and nutrition that worked for me.” 

“I’ve lost 190 pounds of weight and muscle mass, but my transition didn’t happen overnight. I sometimes felt discouraged, especially when what was staring back at me in the mirror didn’t align with the image I had of myself in my head,” she admitted about her transitioning journey.


Tuft also noted that she is “still evolving” even though she has already achieved the body that she wanted. The American social media personality further shared her hopes to inspire other people in the trans community, expressing:

“I hope that my journey — and the work I have done in developing ways to stay fit while shedding pretransition muscle — will create a ripple effect within the trans community.”


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