RHOBH Brandi Glanville’s Monday Morning Qbacking of Wendy Williams

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Former RHOBH, Brandi Glanville, claims she ‘knew’ Wendy Williams had substance abuse, or a drinking problem a few years ago because Wendy showed up ‘sloppy’ at an outing at which the two were scheduled to appear. Now, no shade but I mean, I guess if you are a former cast member of the “Housewives” franchise, the one thing you do know is “sloppy.” So I’m putting my money on Brandi here. Like for real, have you seen any of the shows?

Anyway, reflecting on a PR event in Las Vegas a few years back, Brandi shared with Page Six, “I knew there was a problem a long time ago, …I did an appearance in Vegas with her where she was not okay, very sloppy, and her husband [Kevin Hunter] kept apologizing for her because she was a mess. She was not nice to me.”


So how does not being “nice” to someone equate to alcoholism, you ask?

Well, this behavior was very peculiar to Brandi because as per her recollection, it was out of character for the Asbury Park NJ-born Wendy, who had been up to that point very cordial, even “nice” to Brandi in the past. But something about Wendy had changed during that Vegas trip.

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With that said, now that Wendy’s issues are exposed, Brandi claims to have known it all along. It seems to me, if Wendy had been previously so cordial and friendly to Brandi, then why would she have not pulled Wendy aside like a friend, or have written her a note after the Vegas trip to express such concerns?


It reminds me of Whitney Houston’s death. The next day, people were on all the talk shows claiming they had been concerned watching Whitney–a recovering addict, guzzle alcohol that night as she partied at Clive Davis’ Grammy event. Many of these same people though can be seen in photographs throwing back champagne right along with her throughout the night. Monday morning quarterbacking does nobody any good.

Here are my thoughts on the current Wendy situation; she has caused people a lot of harm through her unique brand of relentless gossip at any expense, and I would be remiss not to state that in some ways I believe what she is going through is part of her karmic journey.

A friend on Facebook recently suggested that I, along with Wendy’s other detractors, are being too callous perhaps and she expressed further how bad she felt about Wendy’s child, who has to live through having a parent with substance abuse issues.

But see, here’s how karma works; I reminded this friend of my beloved Whitney Houston who also had substance abuse issues and a child – both of whom Wendy mocked and exploited daily for nothing more than the vapid purpose of TV and radio ratings. Whitney and Bobbi Kristina are both dead now from their addictions.


I wish Wendy well, but she needs to do some self-reflection here and figure out how she might emerge from this a better person, with her own house in order rather than always trying to peak through everybody else’s windows.

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