RHONY’s Ramona and Luann: ‘Season 12 Is The Best Season Ever!’

Fans are counting down the minutes for the return of The Real Housewives of New York City. The ladies have been on a fun-filled media blitz (albeit remotely due to the Coronavirus outbreak) in anticipation of the upcoming season, which will air on April 2. 


Walking firebrand, Ramona Singer recently spoke to Parade Magazine to discuss how and why Season 12 will be unlike any other season of RHONY, sharing,

“You’ll see such a camaraderie and a deeper depth of our friendship. It’s so different from anything I’ve ever filmed. “It’s very unique, and I think the viewers are going to be amazed and love it. It’s so different.”  

There’s a hint of a more pleasant atmosphere since the reported departure of Bethanny Frankel. Frankel’s reputation for intense interactions and biting commentaries has made her quite a polarizing figure to many viewers. Still, Ramona is no stranger to confrontation either, so maybe the two of them on one show were a bit too much. 

A Season 12 trailer recently hit the internet featuring the housewives debuting their brand new taglines and they’re a hoot!



Frankel leaving the show doesn’t mean it will be all fun and sunshine because nobody would ever tune in to see a bunch of housewives just giggling all day and getting along. No, Singer stresses that this season, while the ladies do a lot more self-reflection and work on their friendships, there will still be shade and shenanigans:

  “… it wouldn’t be the Housewives without some drama. Of course, there’s always the tension, too, the highs and the lows of the fighting, but that always comes with so many women together for so long.”


In a new exclusive report on iheartradio’s, Naughty But Nice With Rob Shuter, the celebrity gossip columnist sat down with Countess Luann de Lesseps herself. The candid interview took place just before social distancing in New York City went into effect, and de Lesseps joined Shuter to spill some tea and throw a little shade,  

 “I feel like this season, because [Frankel’s] not there, the women have a place to express themselves and show more of their personality. And I think this is the best season yet. It’s like, Bethenny who? It’s the best season ever!” de Lesseps told Rob Shuter’s “Naughty But Nice” podcast.

Bravo TV/ Bethanny Frankel and Luann de leases

The Countess also touches on the more poignant matter of her high profile arrest in 2017, her recently-ended probation, and if she will or not abstain from drinking now that her legal issues are behind her. 

As the countdown to Season 12 continues, fans are also excited to meet new housewife Leah McSweeney. The feisty downtown socialite makes her debut this season and her tagline definitely indicates there’s a new vixen to contend with in the Big Apple:  ‘I may float like a butterfly … but I sting like a bitch.’


According to Parade, the newcomer reportedly shares a strong bond with Ramona Singer,

“I basically made her my surrogate daughter, and I definitely hold her to a higher standard,” Singer says of the newcomer…teasing that, that may, or may not lead to conflict between the two.

Are you guys ready what Ramona and Luann are calling the best season of RHONY ever?


Check out Luann’s exclusive Interview with Rob Shuter

Real House Wives of New York, Season 12 airs on Bravo TV – April 2.


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