Richard Armitage on Taking It All Off for Erotic Thriller ‘Obsession’

Richard Armitage is starring in Netflix’s new series ‘Obsession,’ which can be described in three words: sensual, steamy and sexy…

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After turning 50, the English actor and author thought that he’d never have to take his shirt off for a role again. He was proven wrong though after ‘Obsession’s script was sent to him.


“I was like, ‘Thank God I never have to take my shirt off again.’ Then I was sent this script and I’m like, ‘Oh, you want all of it off now. Okay,’” he shared in an interview with Evening Standard.

The four-part series is dubbed by one newspaper as “the sexiest show you’ll see all year,” and it tells the story of married London surgeon named William Farrow (Armitage) who engages in an illicit passionate affair with his son’s girlfriend, Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy).

Armitage also revealed that intimacy coordinator, Adelaide Waldrop, guided them, which he found very helpful when it came to doing the show’s viral sexy scenes.

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“She tapped into something I’ve always done, which is just to talk about the character. So, ‘This is William’s body, it’s not your body.’ It doesn’t cut you off from it but it frees you up a bit more. It makes it a safer territory because you’re not discussing your body parts, they belong to somebody else. You hand yourself over,” he stated.

And as for ‘Obsession’s full-frontal nudity, the actor expressed:

“In order to psychologically deal with it, you remove yourself from it. And because of the consequences of the story it really helps to think, I’m just going to walk and talk inside William’s body.”

Moreover, Armitage has a male partner, and he had a talk with him about his daring role in the series.


“We did talk about it. I reassured him that it was all going to be fine, and we were being well looked after. Charlie and I have met each other’s partners and gone for dinner,” the actor shared.

‘Obsession’ is now available for streaming on Netflix.


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  1. I think Richard Armitage’ sexually is long rumored when photo of him and Lee Pace came out.

    The Hobbit trilogy has 6 openly gay actors: Ian Mckellen, Stephen Fry, Luke Evans, Adam Brown, Lee Pace and now Richard Armitage

    • Lee Pace is not gay, he only describes himself as “Queer” and has dated both men and women. Richard also doesn’t seem to be gay, but rather bi/pan/queer or just “not 100 percent straight,” after he too dated women, including Samantha Colley and Annabel Capper, I also read about his girlfriend in college, they were both 21 I think, and as he said it was his “first real love.”He was also in a relationship with a girl he met during “Cats,” she was a dancer. By the way, I personally think that his “male partner” may be more of a tabloid invention(Evening Standard is a tabloid), if you read up on tabloid journalism you may also start to look at this matter with a little more skepticism.
      By the way, I’ll add that the other of the “two gay dwarves” that McKellen outed was Sir Antony Sher(Thrain II)


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