Richard JMV Is Authentically Genderqueer & Comfortable In His Skin

Whether he is blogging and showcasing his activism, serving cocktails (and looks) at New York City hotspots, or filming some revolutionary content for OnlyFans, Richard JMV is giving every aspect of his career his all. As a vocal ally for embracing your sexuality and your status (Richard himself is undetectable), Richard consistently is an ally for those owning their sexuality, their gender, and their “otherness”. I sat down to talk with this ever-evolving performer and we talked about his path to porn, his own gender identity, and why he continues to be one of the most vocal community advocates in the business today. 


Michael Cook: You have gone from being a notable New York City nightlife personality to now being one of the most buzzed about names in the adult industry. How did this trajectory start?

Richard JMV: I’ve been adult entertainment adjacent since I was eighteen years old when I met Chi Chi LaRue at an event we were both booked for. I loved dancing, prancing, & shaking to her beats as she dj’d at the Cornell University’s Gay/Straight Alliance Filthy/Gorgeous Party. My ass has been shaking in your faces for years, so it’s not a surprise that it’s finally on camera.


Body & sex positivity are important to me & I’ve always considered porn, even filming test scenes for Lucas Entertainment about a decade ago. It wasn’t until I got & stayed sober & saw a close friend dive into OnlyFans & porn that I finally said, “I can do this.”

MC: When did you know that porn could be a tangible means of income and get past the stigma that so many in adult entertainment are labeled with?

RJMV: I was terribly resistant to porn at first. I’ve struggled because I wasn’t sure how it would effect future endeavors until I remembered that I wont know until I try living in the present.

There is so much stigma against adult entertainers. People won’t date or have sex with you because they’re nervous about STIs or think we are somehow beneath them, yet they bust so many loads to many of the performers they stigmatize. Not to mention, the industry workers are the most responsible about testing & screenings. This is a job & I love it. I don’t judge your multiple park excursions per week, but I celebrate it for you… don’t judge my career.


MC: What have been the most enjoyable parts of filming and the most intimidating?

RJMV: Well, let’s face it: I’m Richard, but I’ll take Dick says it all in terms of the enjoyment factor, but I also love meeting & working with other sex positive performers & building friendships. As for intimidating, sometimes insecurity sets in with have the “perfect body type,” but I learn to appreciate my body more day-to-day.


MC: Okay spill it; who has been one of your favorite on-screen partners and why?

RJMV: How to compliment one without offending many? Each encounter is so different that it’s hard to choose, but Sharok is the epitome of a lover. He genuinely enjoys himself by enjoying you & having you enjoy the experience. Whether it’s rough or tender, he’s still making love to you. That’s not to take away from my many other incredibly sexy partners because they are all rockstars in my opinion.


MC: Anyone who you would still want to film with and have not gotten to yet?

RJMV: There are so many! Sean Maygers, Lana Summers & Dexx Morningstar, Rhyheim, Ruslan, Robert Royal, Sir Peter, Isaac X, Diego Sans, Billy Vega, Daddy Riley, Romeo Davis, Austin Avery, Italo Andrade, Elijah Zayne, Farley, Joey Diamond, Pablo Hernandez, Reign, & the list goes on & on.


MC: As an HIV positive dancer, choreographer and performer, your advocacy threads through everything you do. How are you incorporating your passion for HIV advocacy and knowledge with your new porn career?

RJMV: Consistency is important to me, especially with advocacy & activism. I speak up; in fact, I’m loud about studios that won’t book undetectable models or only place undetectable models with each other for scenes. I realize the studios are only protecting their asses, but face value & words aren’t enough. As the adult/sex industry it’s important to follow the science & facts, not the fear of a lawsuit because of the ignorant & uneducated few. Sex education should be a requirement for studio work, almost like job training. I will start studio work in the near future, but with studios that are progressive, inclusive, & fun.


MC: Drag and specifically, Miss Hell’s Kitchen is such a passion of yours. Are you finding that you are enjoying performing and playing with gender more consistently? Any plans for MHK to return?

RJMV: Since I was younger, I’ve always found myself questioning if I’m cis. I’d try on my sisters dance costumes or pretend I was the Pink Ranger. I started wearing heels in 2010 & then followed the makeup & exploration, but never saw the androgyny as just me being me. I never had to label it.


When everything shut down last year, I was able to slow down & had time to reflect & catch up with myself a little. I found that gender identity was more important to me than ever. I asked questions about what it means to be nonbinary & realized that I’m genderqueer & everyone else already knew that about me. I had been so trapped in this idea that I had to be cis gay to be attractive or desired when I’ve found it to be the exact opposite of the truth because people are attracted to authenticity & I have to be happy with myself & comfortable in my own skin before I can be with anyone else. The many layers of being queer, right?

I love performing & producing as me & making a safe space for others to do the same, which is why I cannot wait to bring back Miss Hell’s Kitchen with Shane Terenzi & Peter Kontos in Spring 2022! We are hoping it’ll be bigger & better than ever. 


MC: Do you think you will make the leap to a full-studio performer at some point or are you finding OnlyFans to be the best way to go about it?

RJMV: I’m going to make the leap as I’ve stated before. I’m very set in my ways & I’m willing to grow without reverting. I’m not looking to be changed for a porn contract, I’m looking for the porn contract to change for me. What does that mean? My nails will be painted, my hair might be dyed. My face might be painted. What if I want to wear lingerie & panties? I want to film with a variety of performers, not just who they select for me. I will be fully me when I’m on camera—that’s really important to me.

MC: What would you the Richard JMV of today tell the Richard JMV who walked into his very first porn set?

RJMV: You’re beautiful & your hole is brilliant. Be the force that you are & have fun. Oh yeah, drink lots of water & practice self care. Be kind to everyone.


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