Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn Split?

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Twitter shippers and celebrity gossip mongers are in morning after reports come in that Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn are no longer living together.

Earlier this year, members of the internet rejoiced at the news of the two actors rooming in together. Interest in the topic increased after Madden chose not to address the issue when asked.


The New York Times interviewed Madden back in June to discuss is life, career, and most recent works Rocketman and Bodyguard. During that interview, Madden was asked for his thoughts on how “tabloid interest in his personal life has increased.” The publication then directly asked Madden about his relationship with 13 Reasons Why actor Flynn (who previously dated Sam Smith).

As the article writes out:

“Madden shrugged, unbothered by the question but in no hurry to answer it, either. ‘I just keep my personal life personal,’ he said. ‘I’ve never talked about my relationships.’ He’s working on a way to deter paparazzi interest in who he’s seen with: ‘I wear the same clothes days in a row, because if it looks like the same day, they can’t run the pictures,’ he said. ‘There’s only so many photos you can have of me with a green juice walking down the street.’”


But now, it looks like internet users, tabloid publications, and bigger publications like The New York Times have something new to speculate over and talk about. Namely, Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn seem to have had a falling out.

The Sun writes that the two men have not only stopped living together, but Brandon is putting in effort to avoid Madden.

As The Sun reports:


“Brandon has asked bosses at fashion house Versace not to invite Richard to a party the brand is throwing next month. Brandon, who has dated Sam Smith, will be the face of a new Versace collection next year and doesn’t want to see his former pal at any of his events for the company.”

So, speculate all you like with this news. But we can all agree, no matter what, that Brandon Flynn and Richard Madden are no longer talking. That’s sad, but that’s life.

Sources: The New York Times, The Sun

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