Ricky Martin Got Naked on Instagram and We Are Losing Our S**t!

Ricky Martin has been casually teasing us with some pretty hot photos on his Instagram account lately, but one of his latest ones might just be his hottest.

In an effort to promote his upcoming shows in Las Vegas, someone took a photo of Ricky in a sleazy hotel room where he is walking through the bathroom completely naked.

The photo, which has over 611,000 likes so far, has collectively made his fans lose his shit in many different languages, emojis and any which way you can say that the man is just so damn gorgeous.

This isn't the first time he has made our mouths water in delight.  Earlier in December he shared a hot pic of him and his fiancee Jwan Yosef in nothing but their speedos to celebrate his birthday. 



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He also revealed that you will see his booty on the upcoming American Crime Story series revolving around the murder of Gianni Versace, so we clearly have a lot to look forward to from him this year.



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