Ricky Martin Shares Story About Channing Tatum Being in “She Bangs” MV

Ricky Martin recently shared the story behind giving Channing Tatum his big break after the latter was cast in his “She Bangs” music video.

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During his appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen‘ alongside Kristen Wiig, Martin shared:


“I think he [Tatum] said thank you for the first opportunity. Super cool.”

He then recalled how the music video casting was done as per his request, which ultimately resulted to the ‘Magic Mike’ actor landing his first job in the entertainment industry.

“In Miami, I just told the people from the production of the video to go out scouting and invite everybody to the Bahamas. And that’s what happened, and there he was,” the 52-year-old Puerto Rican singer-songwriter stated.

Meanwhile, Tatum previously talked about being featured in the music video in a WIRED video with Sandra Bullock in 2022. According to him,


“My very first job ever was a Ricky Martin video. I was a bartender with face paint and a mohawk. It was fun, it was great.”

In the music video in question, the actor is shirtless, showing off his fit bod. He really didn’t hold back in his first gig, as he did some super hot and wild things in “She Bangs”, which you can see and watch here! 😉


Source: billboard.com

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