Ricky Martin’s Husband Jwan Yosef Goes ‘Clothing Optional’ In Self-Isolation

Credit: Jwan Yosef Instagram

Let’s face it. The idea of putting on any sort of clothes right now besides maybe a pair of shorts is kind of an archaic thought as millions of us remain stuck inside our apartments/homes. I mean, what’s the point of doing laundry? Or even buying new shoes or a great fitting t-shirt? No one is going to see it in person for the foreseeable future unless its your roommate or partner(s) who are probably getting sick of being around you at this point (and vice versa). 

There is a silver lining to all of this as many hunky celebs have been showing off their lack of clothing options on social media much to our happiness in the visual and front of pants department. Case in point: Ricky Martin‘s drop dead gorgeous husband Jwan Yosef.


OOF! Three words that come to mind when gazing at this insane hunk of beef are smoldering, stunning, and sexy. He also has that “plow me daddy” kind of look with every picture he posts which I, along with many others, would gladly say yes to. 

He decided to go clothing optional in one of his latest IG snaps on Friday, April 17, where the 36-year-old left little to the imagination with just his chiseled body and George Clooney ER kind of haircut on display. 


Jesus lord. Naturally the thirst was bursting in the comments section with his followers practically wanting to jump through the screen just to get a taste of his deliciousness. 

Jwan is far from the only celeb who has been posing in next to nothing during their time in self-isolation. Here are a couple of more to gawk at during your manic (or not so manic) Monday.


Liam Hemsworth



Cody Simpson

Karamo Brown





Fady Elsayed





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  1. But there’s no proof that you are as good looking w/o clothing as they are unless I missed the downloaded photo you included. Perhaps in your mind your are better looking nude than the facts support. Or at the gym other guys refrain from pointing and laughing at you or your roommates are visually impaired.


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