Ridiculously Hot Veterinarian Swoons Us!

Ridiculously Hot Veterinarian Swoons Us!

You’ve Got To Check IN With Doctor Eric Mueller!

Toss me some water! Hell, at this point – I may need wine to stop my shaking! Are you one of those people who have been thinking about getting that cute, little puppy but have yet to cross the finish line? Perhaps you already have a slew of animals who keep you cozy at night. Regardless, I’m about to introduce you to the next- potentially best – reason for you to have a four-legged friend. No, it’s not the ridiculously sexy Evan Antin, who gave us all goosebumps. YES – there’s another one! Hellllloooooo, Doctor Eric Mueller!

Okay, so this incredibly sexy Veterinarian just came across my social media in a viral video that has been viewed over 2 million times. Don’t worry – just like you and I – the comment section is full of thirst posts, begging for any and all information on Mueller. Being the curious cat (ha!) that I am, I decided to seek any and all details on this hunk that I possibly could!

First, Mueller is raised in Chicago and Kentucky – even going so far as to living on a farm, a farm boy – yesss! – but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he is the owner of his own business. Get ready for the adorable – Noah’s Bark – a mobile veterinarian clinic that goes to home to home saving the lives of cats and dogs. It’s the perfect opportunity for any nervous, elderly animal – or a zany agoraphobic.

According to USA Today, Mueller tells why he loves animals, being inspired by his farm roots, and his desire to have a mobile clinic:

“I would run out in the creeks and ponds catching critters, always trying to figure out what the animals were thinking and doing. I figured out at an early age that they can’t help themselves as much as we can help them. I’ve had people, when we come to their house, cry just because they thought they would not be able to have veterinary care for their animals.”

Is it too quick to dub someone a saint?! How HOT is this guy?!

Check out the cuteness in Mueller’s promotional video below:

What do you think?