Rihanna Registers New Music (But When Is This Actually Going To Happen?)

Rihanna fans are on high alert. The Barbadian songstress has just registered new music.


A Rihanna news hub (@Rihanna2) tweeted a screenshot detailing a track registered to BMI, titled “Private Loving,” written by RiRi and Jamaican artist Demarco.

This is hardly an official confirmation, but it’s the latest sign pointing to the next RiRi era. 


It wasn’t all that long ago she was releasing an album a year. As of now, we haven’t had new Rihanna music since the 2016 release of Anti

Rihanna has had some social-media with her eager fans. See below.  

What’s Your favorite RiRi song? Your favorite album? Let us know in the comments. 

h/t: Elle 

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