Rio de Janeiro Welcomes Woof Week!

Just mention the words “Rio de Janeiro,” and what immediately comes to mind is a South American gem on the sea, loved by the masses for its miles and miles of white sandy beaches, incredible world wonders, lush green jungles, famous rain forests, exotic wildlife, and of course, the picturesque ‘Dois Irmaos” mountains regally over-looking the coastline of Ipanema Beach.


But that’s not all. What also comes to mind when we hear those three words is a sexy tropical paradise where the most impossibly beautiful men exist, with perfect muscular bodies and porn-worthy bulges in overstuffed sungas. These stereotypes are part of the draw for millions of gay men who visit Rio each year. They come to take it all in —so to speak, and experience the seduction of Rio’s reputation for being an oasis of seemingly endless men with physiques sculpted by the Gods, with faces of angels, with sun-kissed skin in various shades of vanilla, caramel, mocha, and native cacao.

Okay, so that is the fantasy of Rio. While it does, for the most part, live up to that reputation, it can also be an intimidating environment. Some gay men feel intimidated in the presence of so many hot guys. Such anxiety can further be amplified  when mingling on gay beaches or partying at a sexy shirtless circuit event. We’ve all been there trying to have fun — with our body insecurities front and center.


With this dynamic in mind, a new team of promoters has joined forces to counter this self-imposed tourist perspective by bringing the diverse, inclusive, body-positive annual South American Bear Week (known as Woof Week) to Rio de Janeiro! March 12-19, 2023. 

One of Woof Week’s promoters is Rio-born author, tour guide, and former Instinct featured hottie Kiko Riaze. I spoke with Kiko recently to learn more about the efforts to bring this massive event to Rio and why it was so crucial for the community at this time. 


As Kiko explains,

“Corey, yes, Rio is already known as a top-notch gay destination with exceptional festivals for New Years and, of course, the famous annual Carnival — but there has never been a week’s-long festival here exclusively for gay men and it’s long overdue. So…why not now?”

Woof Week looks to change that with a week of parties, tours, and events in the hot Rio summer for men worldwide. And the festival’s mission is to be a welcoming celebration of all body types, regardless of size or shape. As Kiko further shares,

Woof Week welcomes all men who want to show off their sexiness, irrespective of whether they are hairy, smooth, large, thin, medium, or consider themselves otters, wolves, or even the hairiest of bears. There will be different themed parties with something for everyone including Woof, Tsunami Party, BARKo! Boat Party, and Hole … to name a few.”


This event is a great way to celebrate diversity in Brazil’s gay culture and has been gaining traction among locals and tourists alike. Promoters welcome the opportunity to advocate for all definitions of beauty, and for men of all types to have fun and be proud of who they are…while cavorting in the sexiest city on earth!

Woof Week promoter Kiko Riaze, models a traditional Brazilian Sunga swim trunk in the hot Rio sun.

With its peak summer season occurring during the North American winter, Rio serves up a great getaway full of sun, sights, sounds, and signature sexiness that makes this one of the hottest gay travel destinations.

As with any world travel, learn what to know before you go; research Rio tourism, its LGBTQ community, local customs, top tourism spots, where to shop, night and beach life, and standard safety considerations as you should whenever visiting unknown territories. 


My last time in Rio was in 2020 for Carnival; it was a fantastic time. It was a trip of a lifetime, and the Sambadrome stadium experience, alone, is something I will never forget, among the many other daily must-do events and beach parties.

Photo: WoofWeek Rio

Now, the much-buzzed-about Woof Week is gearing up to also be among the most highly-anticipated events of the Brazilian summer. 

So pack up those sungas, and join Kiko Riaze and the boys, as they say, Bem-Vindo! and welcome the sexiest men from all over the world to Rio!

Learn More: Woof Week 2023! 


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