#RIPRompHim?: The Once Viral Company Closes Its Doors

Image via Instagram @originalromphim

Is this the end of a fashion trend? Possibly not. But, it’s certainly the end of a retailer that helped the trend along.

Back in 2017, the internet, news sources, and the world as a whole went crazy for the male romper. Seeing a gap in men’s fashion, the company RompHim released a series of male rompers. They even created Holiday-themed rompers for the festive men out there.


But now, it appears it’s the end of an era for that company. On February 12, the RompHim company announced that it would be closing its business.

“It has been an amazing run, but the time has come to close the doors on RompHim… thank you for everything,” said the company through an official statement that was sent to frequent customers.


In its heyday, RompHim tried to use the outfit to “break down stereotypes and have fun doing it.”  But while the “onesie for men” made headlines a couple of years ago, it, unfortunately, didn’t bridge the gap from trend to mainstay fashion. In addition, the outfit had a niche market in gay/queer men and fashion-forward dressers. While some notable figures like NFL players, activists, and mascots took to the outfit, not many stuck with the look for following years.

But is this the end of the romper for men? Probably not. After all, the look has been around for a century or two. From male bathing suits of the past to British “siren suits” used as a quick outfit to put on during air raids and an iconic look for Sean Connery as James Bond. However you want to call it, the male onesie or romper is a part of fashion history. It will surely return to the public persona someday. And, of course, that’s true even if there isn’t a company dedicated to selling the outfit, and only the outfit, to us.


Sources: Pride, CNN

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