Rising Star Hayley Kiyoko Talks About The Future Of #20GayTeen

Hayley Kiyoko accepting Billboard’s Rising Star Award / Screenshot via YouTube

2018 is almost over, but the spirit of it will live on, says Hayley Kiyoko.


The former Disney Channel star has skyrocketed to fame thanks to her openness about her sexuality. In fact, it was Kiyoko who coined the term and hashtag #20GAYTEEN that took over the personas of LGBTQ millennials and generation Z-ers.

But now that 2018 is ending, that nicely worded term for young gay and LGBTQ pride will sadly go with it. After being asked about this fact, Hayley Kiyoko is not so sure.

Kiyoko told Billboard that the year may be almost over, but the term and spirit of it will live on.

“#20GAYTEEN never ends,” Kiyoko said while at the Billboard Women in Music event. “It’s the spirit within."


At the event, Kiyoko won the Rising Star award. After that time, she took a moment to appreciate the rising pride and political passion coming from LGBTQ youths.

“Seeing people become more politically aware was so inspiring,” the pop star said. “Seeing different artists stand up for LGBTQ — and also, everyone’s waking up!”

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