Riverdale Gets Hot, Shirtless, And All Gay Kissy Kissy And We Love It.

I recently saw the new live action “Beauty and the Beast” and was astonished that all the fuss that was over the small and pretty innocent gay scenes in the film, if you could even call them scenes.  They were more just flashes of the rainbow that could have been misses if your face was in your popcorn for two seconds.

There are more “in your face” gay scenes and story lines out there that are more developed than the clownish LeFou sub sub sub sub sub plot in B&TB.  One of those story lines that are brought weekly into our homes, from the WB’s Riverdale, is getting a little more kissy kissy and hopefully leading to more down the road.


Finally. Riverdale has been delivering a whole lot of nothing over the past few weeks, but they’re back with some Fleshbot Gay-approved man meat!

Up until now, the Archie-inspired series have kept things pretty squeaky clean, but last night we got a little PSA action when they got into the liquor cabinet for a party Betty throws for Jughead’s birthday. J.K. Apa’s Archie is ready to let loose, and in one scene he strips down to jump around with a bunch of hot ass, buff shirtless guys just looking to sow their wild oats!

As promised, last night’s Riverdale also features a gay kiss between Casey Cott‘s Kevin Keller and Rob Raco‘s Joaquin. This is the second kiss that we’ve seen between the two. While the last one included more saliva swapping and chain link fence banging, this time a daddy in the making WATCHES as Cott and Raco go face hole to face hole! – gay.fleshbot.com

Yeah, Kevin Keller, we’re biting our lower lip, too.  Your fans love the lips on lips action, but it’s making us want a little more skin on skin and soon!

To see both clips involving the shirtless eye candy and man-on-man kissfest from Riverdale brought to us by Mr Man, head over to very NSFW website gay.fleshbot.com. We’ve only watched them a nice fat handful of times.


h/t: gay.fleshbot.com

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