Riz Ahmed Is One of the Most Handsome Men in Hollywood. Let’s Ogle Some Pics.

Emmy-winning English actor and musician Riz Ahmed (you know him from Rogue One and Venom) is getting some of the best reviews of his career for his new movie The Sound of Metal, which just premiered at TIFF. He plays a drummer who starts losing his hearing. 

To celebrate, we’re basking in some of the most handsome snaps from his Insta. Among the highlights: lots of fashion, Ahmed shirtless in a music studio, and some almost-too-attractive-to-handle press pieces from Venom with him and co-star Tom Hardy. I enjoyed Venom enough, aaand I’m probably not alone in thinking it would have been even better if their characters had a tasteful love scene. 

Ahmed is 36, born to in London to a British Pakistani family. Enjoy the eye candy. 


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