Rob Gronkowski Responds After Tom Brady Calls His Manhood ‘Amazing’

Credit: Rob Gronkowski Instagram

Former NFL player and all-around stud Rob Gronkowski responded to Tom Brady‘s compliments about his manhood on the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live on Monday, April 20. 

Tom first spoke about his d**k with Howard Stern on his radio show last week where The New England Patriots legend revealed that his teammate has “amazing” junk. “It’s exactly what you would expect it to be,” he also said. “That guy is like a Greek god, his body, that guy is jacked up.” 


So it didn’t come as toooooo much of a surprise that WWHL host Andy Cohen, who just like Howard is known for his prodding questions, brought the peen-related matter up with Gronk. It happened during a segment called “The Shady Joint” in which, yes, a joint dressed up with eyes, asked both Rob and fellow guest Cheri Oteri some very shady questions. 

“Yeah. Rob. So Tom Brady called your penis ‘Ahhmazing’ on Howard Stern last week,” the shady joint said. “Congrats man. So how would you describe Tom Brady’s hang down?” Gronk, who looked pretty damn sexy in a skintight top, did not hesitate to respond with his thoughts on his matter. 


“Oh man! Well he did describe it as looking amazing which is the biggest compliment in my career alongside playing with Tom.” Andy followed that up by asking Gronk if he was “surprised” about Tom being so sweet about his privates.

“I see some headlines that he called my hot dog amazingly nice so, you know, it kind of surprised me but then at the same time I’m like, its the Howard Stern Show. If you go on that show anything is game at any time. Even for Tom.”

Gronk also revved some engines when he confessed to getting a “sneak peak” at Tom’s d**k during their many years in the locker room. Let the fantasies begin again! 

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