Rob McElhenney Shares Satirical Answer On How Gay Character “Fat Mac” Slimmed Down

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and creator Rob McElhenney shared a witty and all too true post about his process of getting ripped.


If you are a fan of It’s Always Sunny, you’ll know that McElhenney and his character Mac have gone through a massive weight change in the last few years.

Back in 2011, McElhenney decided to gain weight in order to play with the idea that tv show characters and actors seem to get thinner and more muscular as their shows continue. To play with that, McElhenney created the idea of “Fat Mac.”

Unfortunately, the message behind the joke wasn’t well-received by many people, including McElhenney’s fellow cast members. So, McElhenney later decided to lose the weight.

As he told the Wrap back in 2011, “The end of the show[‘s season]. I started at 160 and I got up to 212. And I thought, that’s enough.”


Throughout the years, McElhenney has slimmed down considerably and also worked out for a very muscular and cut body. Many have complimented him on his looks and also asked him how he did it.

Feeling that enough was enough in terms of being asked this, McElhenney shared his exact method of getting the body that he has today. And he did it in his usual style of humor.

“Look, it’s not that hard. All you need to do is lift weights six days a week, stop drinking alcohol, don’t eat anything after 7pm, don’t eat any carbs or sugar at all, in fact just don’t eat anything you like, get the personal trainer from Magic Mike, sleep nine hours a night, run three miles a day, and have a studio pay for the whole thing over a six to seven month span. I don’t know why everyone’s not doing this. It’s a super realistic lifestyle and an appropriate body image to compare oneself to. #hollywood”






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As McElhenney’s audience enjoys the start of season 13 of the show, he’s excited for future episodes. For instance, McElhenney will be putting on a coming out dance.

Earlier, McElhenney’s character Mac finally came out as gay after "Mac is gay but doesn't know it" played as a running gag for years. Now that the character is out and open, the writers and cast can play with this new facet of his personality.

For instance, Deadline reported last month that there will be an upcoming scene where Mac performs a coming out dance for his father.

With humor like in the above Instagram post, we look forward to seeing the messed up and hilarious stories that McElhenney and his team create for a now openly gay Mac.

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